Report on Proposed TX VHF Band Plan – Failed!

Ladies and gentleman, we did an outstanding job of organizing and fighting the attempted take over of simplex Freq by the Digital Repeater folks. There was some very spirited debate going on at the meeting (TX VHF-FM Summer Meeting in Austin, 8/5/2011)  with a strong force against this proposed Band Plan change. 

I am glad so many of us put forth an effort to get the word out to fight, I believe had we not done so the Band Plan would have passed and we would have lost some valued frequencies. As it is they the vote was just about 2:1 against the proposed band plan change with 58 against and 26 in favor.

As a note, it was a big surprise to find out the Armadilo group was not supporting in and most of them were against the plan as well, so shows you how fast misinformation can spread.  I appologize for my repeating such rumors.


After the vote, a motion for a very solid method of dealing with the digital/analog situation was proposed and it made sense for all parties there and should pass next year. Check out the Texas VHF FM society web page for exact details.

But this shows that if we organize and fight for what we believe in, we can overcome. Thanks to all who voted this ill conceived idea down.

Greg Lewis/N5XO



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