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Below you will find some "slices" of ham radio knowledge that we've collected from various sources, or invented from our own experiences...

We're trying to compile a list of known, trusted sources, both local and web based, for "stuff" that Hams want to buy. If you know of a trusted source not already listed here, or think one of the sources listed is not correct or untrustworthy, send the webmaster an email. We've borrowed and referred heavilly to one of the web master's favorite web sites, If you haven't updated your bio listing on this site (free service) then you need to go there now and take care of it.

QRZ.comWe have selected some of our favorite ham radio related links to post on this page. If you have some suggestions for more links, or find any dead or inappropriate links on this page, please do not hesitate to tell the webmaster about it via email so it can be corrected ASAP. We've attempted to divide them up into sections that might mean something to someone, one upon a time at least.

These links will take you away from our site, so please remember to bookmark this site before you depart, and don't blame us for any content you might find on the other sites.

As most of my visitors already know, my "day job" is performing computer consulting for businesses and personal needs, and we frequently see computers that were under protected, or not protected at all, from viruses, spyware, etc. One of the better software protection sytems we have found so far, come from the fine folks at GFI Software. Below are links to allow you to buy their stuff on-line direct, without having pay someone like me to come to your house / office to install it for you. They also offer a "site license program" for home computers, allowing you to install on every computer without buying separate annual license for each computer. I've found generally that if you have more than 2 PC computers to protect, this will save you $$.

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Sources of Ham Radio Supplies

  • Universal Radio  We've found them to be a reliable web vendor for such things as coax and power cable. They have very reasonable prices and don't gouge you on the shipping and handling charges. In fact they offer flat rate shipping rates for the most part that are very affortable.

  • Radio - Ham Radio Dealer based in New York that offers a very wide variety of current and vintage Ham Radio parts, supplies and related books.

  • Texas Towers A popular ham radio dealer located in Plano, Texas Texas Towers

  • Byers K3IWKCharles Byers K3IWK - Chassis Kits & Custom Enclosures for the Hobbyist. No setup charge, fast delivery, small quantities okay, low costs for your project ideas with NOsetup charges. Free downloadable catalog from his web site.

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State, National or International Organizations

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Other Communications Software Links

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QRZ.comHam Radio Modification Links - From

One of the interesting points about the Ham Radio Hobby is the ability to experiment with radios and antennas, including modifications of existing radios. These mods are NOT factory authorized and will void your warranty. Also, just because your radio gets modified to allow out of band operations, does NOT mean your Amateur Radio license has been modified to allow such operations. Being caught using a modified ham radio outside the authorized Amateur Radio bands could result in loss of license, fines, forfeiture of equipment, etc.

Select the first letter of your radio model number below. After opening the page, you can use the browser's menu choice of "Edit->Find" or Ctrl-F to search these page(s) for specific info.) The information below is found on, one of the better sources of collected ham info on the web.

QRZ.comAmateur Radio Shareware and Info Files - From

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