2017 Field Day – Kerrville

Greetings to all HCARC members and interested friends,

Field Day is almost here. The annual emergency preparedness exercise
starts this Saturday at 1:00PM local time and continues to Sunday at
1:00PM local time.

The objective is to contact as many stations during the field day period of 24 hours. The HCARC will be operating at the Our Lady of the Hills athletic complex just off Highway 27 and west of the Kerrville airport on Peterson Farm Road where there is a blinking yellow light.

All club members and their friends are invited to attend. There will be an evening supper of chicken fajitas with the usual condiments starting at 6:00PM.

The Field Day crew will start setting up for Field Day on Friday at 1:00PM and we have planned a dutch lunch at Bumdoodlers (on Highway 27 in Kerrville) at 11:00AM for a final discussion /assessment. Come join us if you wish to help with the setup of the site.

If you plan on attending our Field Day feel free to bring your radio and try it out on the fine array of antennas the Field Day crew is planning on putting up. See how it performs on the various types of antennas or use some of the club radios available at the site.

If you do NOT plan on attending, please help the club score as many points as possible by contacting the Field Day crew on as many frequencies as possible as we receive points for every valid contact.

Most of you have at least a 2 meter radio so try to contact us on 146.55 simplex (no offset or pl tone required).

If you also have 70CM, try us on 446.500 simplex. If you happen to have a 220 radio, try us on 223.5 simplex. We will also try to monitor the HCARC repeater (146.98 PL 162.2) during field day.

We can’t get points for a repeater contact, but we can visit and tell you where on the HF bands we are currently listening.

We can get points for each of the bands and modes. For example, you could contact us on 40m SSB for a point, as well as 40m CW/digital for 2 points and that is true for most of the HF bands (except the WARC bands). Note that if you work at the Field Day station for points, you cannot contact us for points from your home station.

Please look up the Field Day rules at the ARRL site and any information on the exchange and how to classify your station.

Come join us and bring your interested friends.

73 de kk5ia


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