July 4th Parade @ Canyon Lake – Report

The annual 4th of July parade was held in Startzville,Texas, on the south side of Canyon Lake.

As usual for the past 20+ years, the members of Hill Country REACT, with assistance from the HCHams (Hayes / Caldwell County Hams), and a few others, managed the staging area, got everybody lined up in the right order, and merged in the units (like the USAF Band, the horses, & the local dignitaries) when the parade started around 11am.

The parade started with a fly over by the Combined Air Force (used to be Confederate Air Force) based in San Marcos.

We did shoot some video of the parade, with quality of questionable focus, using a new HD Vehicle DVR Recorder mounted inside the front windshield of my van.   Even though I had washed the van the night before, it sprinkled on the way up that morning before dawn, and perhaps some neighborhood birds decided to add their deposits on the way up as well. (Note to self: Wash the window before shooting video thru it next time!)   With the glare of the sun, sometimes the focus wasn’t as sharp as I would have preferred, or expected had I used a real video camera mounted outside the glass.  I’ll post that edited video later on, for those who care to watch it.  It’s clear, just slightly not as clear as I’d prefer, or maybe it’s just my eye glass prescription needing tweaked.  🙂

Here is a list of hams and other volunteers working on behalf of REACT for this event, followed by a gallery of photos taken by either myself or Jake Creamer.

  • Joe Thompson  – REACT
  • Lee Besing  – REACT
  • David Besing  – REACT
  • Kimberly “Pinga” Pruneda
  • Greg Tomkins  – HCHams
  • Richard Graham  – HCHams
  • Mike Perez  – REACT
  • Jose Villarreal – CERT
  • Mike Wilmore – HCHams
  • Jake Creamer  – HCHams
  • Hunter Creamer  – HCHams
  • Micky Thomas  – HCHams
  • Gordon DeWitte – HCHams
  • Don Kirchner  – SARO
  • Wade Bolling – REACT

Photos next…. (note: photo names starting with DSC are from Jake, photo names starting with IMG are from Lee)


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