Last Call For BPMS150 Ham Volunteers – Event Dates 4/21-22

We just had a conversation with Steve & Susan Shirk, the force behind the scenes of the BPMS150 BikeMS event from Houston to Austin later this month.   They still have a few empty slots to fill, mostly SAG Van Drivers & Navigators.    Our training date for Central Texas Hams will be this next Saturday, April 7th, from 10am-Noon, followed by a “free lunch”, up in San Marcos.  Contact Lee Besing by phone 210-771-7075 or email if you want to volunteer before that meeting.  After that meeting, they will be unable to accept volunteers due to the need to run DMV and background checks (on drivers only) and to reserve rooms for overnight accomodations.

Hams who are planning to work this event, are asked to attend this training / orientation event to learn about the changes in this year’s route & rest stops.  Yup, changes are in the winds, especially after the wildfires up near Bastrop.

If you prefer a more stable assignment, i.e. a fixed location or roaming “communications only” assignment, we can arrange for that as well.  We’ll put you in contact with Mike Hardwick, N5VCX, who is the head pooh-bah for ham communications.

Mike says “Thanks for advertising for the BP MS150. More and more volunteers are needed each year and getting out the word is the only way to get enough volunteers for the event.  I do have two requests that I need all MS150 volunteers to follow.

  1. All amateur radio operators need to sign up at This is the master list of all hams whether for SAG, supply or break points and helps determine what needs to be staffed for the event.
  2. Radio requirements are dual band radios with a minimum of 25 watts of power on both bands and a gain type antenna. If someone is only working a break point and only talking to someone at a break point that will be an exception to the requirements. Anyone that is mobile must have a dual band (VHF/UHF) radio for the event that has the correct power level. Anything less causes problems throughout the event.

Also if anyone would like to have an APRS tracker in their vehicle, I will have 12 or 13 extra units that can be put in their vehicles if they want. Drop me an e-mail and let me know who is interested.”

Susan says… “I still have a few rooms for SAG hams available at the Crowne Plaza in Houston for Friday night, and some cabins at Camp Lone Star for Saturday night in La Grange.”  

We pick up our SAG vans in San Antonio (or Austin for those closer to that area), drive into Houston on Friday night for the free hotel room, and get up for a 5am briefing in the Adicks Park & Ride just behind the hotel (how convenient that is!).   The Crowne Plaza is just off IH-10 & Hwy 6 in Katy on the west side of Houston.  All fuel is pre-paid by BPMS150 at designated stations, IF YOUR NAME IS ON THE LIST.   Another reason to get your name & assignment NOW, because last minute volunteers won’t be on that list for free fuel in official vehicles.

Free food, Saturday night & Sunday, plus free lunches both days. Free gas in your van, Free t-shirt on your back!  What more could you ask for?  13,000+ riders on the road, starting from 3 locations on Saturday at 7am, 2 locations on Sunday.

Contact Lee Besing N5NTG at 210-771-7075 if you are interested.


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