2010 Tour de Cure Bicycle Event May 22-23rd

Once again, the regional American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure event is upon us!  May 22-23rd are the Dates.  This is a 2-day event starting at the Retama Park in Selma (Just north of San Antonio, Off IH-35 & 1604).    Day 1 ends in San Marcos at the Texas State University, Butler Dorm.   Day 2 starts at the same place as Day 1 Finish, and ends at Akins High School in south Austin.



We’ve got a few vacancies left for driving either a Toyota Truck (from Austin Champion Toyota) or a 15 Passenger Van (from Enterprise in San Antonio near the airport).   Call Lee at 210-771-7075 ASAP If you want to volunteer cause time is running out.  1 Toyota Truck is available as of Sunday  night, and 2 of the 15 Passenger Vans are available as of Sunday night.   We could also put a few more folks into Documation SCION sag cars, but that is being controlled by another person and the # of vacancies is unknown as of Sunday night.

Day 1 has 4 routes, two that come back to the Retama Park (15 & 33), and two that go on to San Marcos (55 & 80).

Day 2 has only 3 routes, all three go from San Marcos to Austin.  (25, 55, 80)

Hams will be driving about 10 or 12 SAG vehicles of various shapes and sizes.  Some will be in Documation SCION Cars, others in the traditional 15 passenger white van, and the rest in Toyota Trucks from Champion Toyota.

Current info and downloadable maps, GPS Coordinates, etc. are now available online at http://sanantoniohams.org/alamosag/2010TDC-Info_Central.html

Please review and print out any documents that seem pertinent to you. Remember that it will be to late to print out once you are on the route.

Communications – We’re making some last minute adjustments to our plan, and Jake Creamer the ARES EC for both Hayes and Caldwell Counties, will have some of his volunteers physically driving to each of the day 2 rest stops to verify ability to access different repeaters via HT or Mobile or w External Antenna up in the air.  That way we’ll know what type of equipment the ham at each rest stop will need.   For Day 1, we plan to stick with the GVARC New Braunfels repeater on 147.000, with Seguin’s new 146.76 as backup. 

Day 1 Net Control will be conducted from the Texas State University in San Marcos.

Day 2 Net Control will be conducted from the Akins High School in Austin, with early morning assist from Jake Creamer if needed.  We’re looking at using the San Marcos 147.100 repeater to start Day 1, or another suitable repeater that can be accessed from the Akins High School finish line.   Also Hayes Caldwell Hams (HC Hams) will be using their 444.150 UHF repeater and 146.56 simplex for chatting between rest stops.

More later!


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