Canyon Lake Christmas Parade – Thanks!

We received an advance copy of the news release from the Canyon Lake Christmas Parade Committee about last weekend’s Christmas parade in Sattler (December 12th), written by Valerie Schroller of the Parade Committee.  She was the gal zipping around in that red golf cart taking care of everything and everybody who might have had their political toes stepped on for some reason during the parade. 

I got this from Valerie Schroller.  It went out to the Canyon Lake Views, the Hill Top Reporter, and the Herald-Zeitung.   She said I could forward it to anyone I choose, so I thought you might want to post something using it.  It says “unnamed volunteers”….here is the article and the rest of names of those “unnamed volunteers”.

– Wade Bolling W5ERX, President, Hill Country REACT Team.

News Release begins…

Canyon Lake Christmas Parade 12/12/2009

The Canyon Lake Christmas Parade was a huge success despite the drizzly weather that started the morning. The Grand Marshall was Matt Monzingo, the Canyon Lake High School Football Coach and his wife Sharon.

Attending dignitaries were: Comal County Sheriff Bob Holder; Constable Pct 4 , Shane Rapp; State Representative Doug Miller; Jan Kennady, Commissioner Pct4; Donna Eccleston, Commissioner Pct 1; Jennifer Saunders, Justice of the Peace, Pct 4; Joy Streater, Comal County Clerk; and Jennifer Tharp, Assistant District Attorney.

The winners were:

  • Santa’s Award— Girl Scout Troop #1136; Christmas Past 1st place– Canyon Lake Association of Retired Teachers & School Personnel ; 2nd place-Hill Country Christian Church (Disciples of Christ); 3rd place-Community Resource & Recreation Center (CRRC).
  • Christmas Present winners were: 1st place-Girl Scout Troop #2406; 2nd place-Church in the Wildwood Children’s Church; 3rd place- The Hideout at Cranesmill.
  • Christmas Future winners were: 1st place- Girl Scout Troop #445; 2nd place- GVTC.
  • Santa’s Helpers Company Car winners were: Pedernales Electric Cooperative, Neumeyer Upholstery and the Gorge Preservation Society.

The following groups and businesses helped ‘behind the scenes’ and the Parade wouldn’t have been possible without them.

  • Wade Bolling, Charles Land and all the unnamed volunteers from The Hill Country REACT group provided entrants lineup and security.
  • The Comal County Engineers Department provided the barricades and mowed the grass for staging the parade participants.
  • Chuck Ferguson, Mainstream Home Theater hosted the Pre-Parade Reception for the dignitaries and BJ Thomas of Exit Real Estate and
  • Kenny Norris of Lucky’s Kitchen and Cocktails provided refreshments.
  • Jeani Ritchie was the Master of Ceremonies. She does an awesome job every year!
  • Larry Read, owner of Movie Street and Back Stage Music Supply, provided the sound system for the Master of Ceremonies.
  • The judges Gabe Callaway, Kathie Cielencki, Cindy Havens, Courtney Krnavek and Barbara Snyder came to us from GVTC. Bob Bartlett, John Guenzel (Rio Raft Resort) , Chuck Varney (CL Noon Lions) and
  • Terry Schroller (Alternative Pest Control) loaned us golf carts and utility vehicles for our judges.
  • With a little scrambling we came up with alternative vehicles and drivers for the dignitaries when the San Antonio Thunderbird Club canceled due to the wet weather.
  • Dwain Blaschke allowed us to drive through his property to get our dignitaries from the pre-parade reception to the parade beginning.
  • Scott Hammond of Mountain Valley Middle School let us use their parking lot and bus drive to stage many of the parade participants.
  • Gary Poss took all of the pictures of the parade provided to the news media.

The Canyon Lake Noon Lions Club and the Canyon Lake Christmas Parade Committee — Ola Armstrong and MJ Fuller (GVTC), Val and Terry Schroller (Alternative Pest Control), Allen Bartram (CL Noon Lions), and Linda and Clint Epley (Canyon Bend Self Storage) — would like to thank everyone for attending the parade and anyone and everyone who helped with the parade that we may have missed here. Thank you to all the parade participants without whom there would not be a parade.

Among the participants were school bands, cheerleaders, athletic clubs, the Alzafar Shriners, the Joint Military Float, many churches, civic organizations and local businesses. We hope to see all of you next year.

–end press release–

Here is a complete list of those “unnamed volunteers” which happened to be  hams.

  • Louis Upton K1STX  REACT
  • Lee Besing N5NTG REACT
  • Charlie Land KC5NKK REACT
  • Al Fields KG6LGE REACT
  • Gary Tangrady K5GST REACT
  • Charles Manley III W5BRC REACT
  • Barbara Manley KA5RLF REACT
  • Wade Bolling W5ERX  REACT
  • Ray McLeaird KE5KHN REACT
  • Wade Martyn KE5ZUO REACT
  • L. T. “Skipp” Stem WB4DAD GVARC
  • Richard Graham N5RAG GVARC
  • Mike Pfeuffer WQ5C GVARC
  • Chuck Donohoe KM5BY GVARC
  • David Childress KD5MML HC ARES
  • Phil Boggan KD5MMM HC ARES
  • Jake Creamer K5GWC HC ARES
  • Rick Coleman KE5FHL HC ARES
  • Roger Wines W5WIA Travis County REACT

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