Feb 7

Morning all!

Event: AERC Heart of the Hills Endurance Ride

Dates: 5th and 6th March 2016

Location: Hill Country State Natural Area – Bandera

Times: 0700 hrs to 1700 hrs – assignment times very based on Checkpoint.

Help is needed on both days, but, if you can only work one of the other, your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Operators will be responsible for tracking the progress of Horse/Rider thru the course at 4 different checkpoints.  We also handle in health/welfare information and other task as submitted by the event coordinator/manager.

3 checkpoints should be able to contact net control with ht and a gain antenna.  One checkpoint is a little more challenging requiring a mobile unit, possibly crossband.

Comms will be VHF simplex.

RMS Express/Packet will be utilized during the event.  Packet not required to participate.

Most checkpoints are easily accessible by car or truck.  One will require a truck with moderate clearance.

If your are interested please contact Charlie Land at charlesdland at gmail dot com or Mike Perez at mikerey01 at yahoo dot com

Event is coordinated by Hill Country REACT – membership not required to participate.

Thank You,

Louis Upton – K5STX

Hill Country REACT – Team # 4804 – President
Tejas Trails Communication Group – Cactus Rose and Bandera 100k Ultra-Marathons – Coordinator

Rocky Raccoon Communications Group – Tejas Trails Liaison


May 24

The Skywarn Operators at the Austin-San Antonio NWO are in the process of updating our files and call-up list. Recently we have found the EC’s, Skywarn Coordinators and Net Controls have changed drastically in the various counties we serve.
It has also been found that several repeaters used in the past to contact and monitor Skywarn operations have changed or are no longer functioning.
If someone from each county could please e-mail me the contact information, frequencies and other pertinent information for ARES and Skywarn it would be greatly appreciated.
Also be advised that we have created a Facebook page and Twitter account to help get the word out. Feel free to like or follow to stay up to date with our operations.
Thank You, Louis – K5STX
e-mail to wx5exw at gmail dot com

Apr 10

Canyon Lake ARC LogoHey guys,

I just got conformation from Lynn Lindsey and he will be the guest speaker at our next meeting. Lynn coordinates emergency services for Comal county and will discuss what the county currently does regarding emergency communications. He will also discuss how the ham community can play a bigger role with the county.

Please invite any other hams that may not be on my email list. If you know of any ham I should add to the list please send me their information and I will make sure they are included.

This meeting will be held on May 8th, starting at 6:30pm, in the Tye Preston Library.

Tye Preston Library – See web link here  http://www.tpml.org/
16311 South Access Road
Canyon Lake, Texas 78133

Also anyone on Facebook here is the link to the CLARC page.


As a club we have discussed trying to help local hams get back on the air. If you need help or know a ham that may need help changing coax, tower work etc.. please email me and let me know. It is in all our interest to get everyone on the air that has the desire.


Mike AB5EB