Field Day 2009 Looms Large, SA Hams Prepare for Mega-Event

field_day_2009_logo_customby Shane O’Neal NS5D

Field Day 2009 is nearly upon us, and preparations are underway to make this the largest, most successful Field Day event in San Antonio’s history. This is thanks to the participation of AARO, SARC, ROOST, SARO, Hill Country REACT, QCWA and many other organizations and individuals, operating jointly under the banner of Bexar County ARES.

Field Day 2009 is expected to draw record numbers of operators and will feature many different bands and modes of operation, including PHONE, CW, SSB, PSK-31, FM and ATV as a Class “A” station. The total number of transmitters to be operated has yet to be determined, but will number at least six.

Where and When?

San Antonio Fire Training Academy. 300 S. Callaghan Road, near Highway 151. Setup begins at 8am on Saturday, June 27th. Field Day operations begin at noon.  (See map below)

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Detailed Site Map

Click on Image below for full sized aerial photo showing what stations will be located where. (subject to change of course)


 FD-2009 Site Map

What to Bring…

  • Snacks and cold drinks for yourself during the day, and a cooler if you have one. We will have a few community coolers with ice on hand.
  • A meal will be provided on Saturday evening. Please bring EITHER three dollars OR a substantial side dish, chips, drinks or dessert sufficient to feed at least 3 people including yourself. Questions about the meal should be directed to Teri Thomas KC5BJI . Reservations would be greatly appreciated so that we can plan to buy enough meat. Please submit your reservation through your club’s designated representative.
  • A comfortable chair
  • Sun screen
  • Hat, Umbrella or other shade
  • Friends and Family!

Don’t assume that things you need will be there. Ie, if you bring a watermelon, bring a knife to cut it with. If you bring a crock pot, bring an extension cord / surge strip to plug it in.

What NOT to Bring…

  • No alcohol will be permitted on the grounds of the San Antonio Fire Academy, nor in the parking lot.


Camping will be permitted on the grounds. If you plan to bring a trailer or camper, please coordinate with Erik Rabe KD5YZU.

Gates will be locked at dusk. There will be no vehicular traffic in nor out between dusk and daybreak.

Help Wanted…

We still need plenty of folks to help with the following:

  • Setup Crew – Need strong backs to help unload and setup antennas, tables and chairs, run extension cords, gas up generators, etc. Please be at the Fire Academy by 8am on Saturday and dress comfortably. Lunch and cold drinks will be provided. Contact Shane NS5D  or Erik KD5YZU.
  • Teardown Crew – Need same to help take down and load up everything on Sunday morning. Please be there by 10:30am. BRING A DOLLY OR ROLLING CART IF YOU HAVE ONE. Lunch and cold drinks will be provided. Contact Shane NS5D or Erik KD5YZU.
  • Loggers – Need loggers to enter in contacts using the logging computers at each station througout the contest. Contact Bob K5AUW or J C Smith N5RXS .
  • Meal Crew – Need some backyard chefs and helpers to help prepare the evening meal and clean up afterwards. Meal will be provided. Contact Teri KC5BJI.

73 de NS5D


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  1. N5NTG Says:

    From Pat Knight AD5BR


    Is there any leeway on this? (no vehicles leaving or entering after dark)

    From: Shane O’Neal NS5D

    No, I’m afraid there is not much leeway. Folks who think they might need to leave should park their cars in the parking lot instead of inside the compound. It is a Fire Department requirement.

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