Jump Team Boot Camp 2014 Cancelled

JUMP TEAM BOOT CAMP 2014 (April 4th-6th)

Due to a lack of response/interest (people wishing to take this FREE course) I am cancelling this event. It will not be rescheduled. The cost, which comes out of my own pocket, for renting a group wilderness site, food and water, extra equipment, parts for building special projects for each attendee on-site (this session would have had each member building their own  Emergency NVIS antenna which stores in a section of PVC sewer pipe and needs no tools for deployment), printing the 200 page workbooks, tee shirts, caps, etc  amounts to several hundred dollars. Just the cost of replacing the a missing tent and one HF rig when I did a loan out of my Jump Team gear for hurricane Sandy has put a damper on my spirit to continue this emergency communications training. Since I already had the workbooks ordered from the printer, I will be making these available to interested parties at a later date for just my printing costs and mailing. (ONE to a customer)
Bob W2IK

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  1. N5NTG Says:

    Sorry to hear that Bob. I had been looking forward to it. I think you need to charge a registration fee to help with the costs of this. It’s ridiculous for anyone to expect you to carry 100% of the cost burden. – Lee

  2. Scott KF5WHL Says:

    I was really looking forward to the boot camp. That’s unfortunate.

  3. Ruth Lewis Says:

    Darn! Each time this is offered I keep missing the notices until it’s canceled. THEN I see it. Drat.

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