Need a portable field or emergency deployed antenna? King Kong Antennas built by K5NNN

King Kong portable antenna by K5NNN AndrewKING KONG DUAL BAND ANTENNA 2 METER & 70 CM

This Antenna comes in Dual Band  2 meter &  70 cm..
or just single band for 2 meter or just 70 cm.
We also make them for 220 mHz


2.     MADE OF 450 PSI   PVC PIPE
4.     6 dbi  on VHF,   8 dbi or better on UHF
5.     V.S.W.R.  1.2 and no higher than 1.8
6.    POWER  150 Watts
7.    VERTICAL  OMNI  With no radials
8.    LENGTH   72 Inches
9.    WIND SPEED  150 +
10.  Screw Hook in top for easy suspension / hanging
11.   Standard SO-239 Chassis Connector (coax not included)

COST $45. FOR SINGLE BAND – VHF, UHF,  or 220 mHz


If you would like one call Andrew K5NNN on his cell  210-422-5304

See more pics below..

Screw hook on top for easy hangingSO-239 Chassis Mount UHF connector for standard cable


7 Responses

  1. thomas caldwell Says:

    andrew cannot back up any of his claims. it has not been tested for any of his specifications. he has not had it in a wind tunnel at 150 mph. if you hang it by the hook it will be gone 40 mph turblance.he has no way to measure db espicially ti an isotropic. this antenna is a joke just like its maker

  2. N5NTG Says:

    Mr. Caldwell, are your statements based upon fact & personal testing? In otherwords, do you own, or have access to, one or more of Mr. Watson’s “King Kong” antennas to perform your own testing in order to make these statements?

    I do own one of these antennas, the dual band model, and while I haven’t had time to check it completely out regarding his specifications, so far it has been a very good performing antenna for ordinary communications. I couldn’t care less about surviving it 150mph winds, obviously whatever you connected the hook to, or clamped the antenna to, would also need to survive 150mph winds. I don’t plan on being down at ground zero of a hurricane to test the antenna, either.

    Most of us area hams are aware of your long time, on-going, personal feud with Andrew and other hams. I’ve been a target of yours in the past, even though I probably wouldn’t recognize you unless you walked up to introduce yourself in person. I don’t operate on the frequency you hang out on, and I could care less about your little feuds. I allowed your comment to be posted, just so I could post a reply asking if you had any basis in fact to support your claims.

    Lee N5NTG
    Webmaster –

  3. wb5lop Says:

    Andrew and I did a 25 mile path test the two antennas were side by side, the other was a Hustler G7-144 at the same height, coax feed and same radio. We couldn’t tell the difference at either end doing a “A” / “B” comparison. Next test we’re going to mount the Kong on my Mustang GT, and take it up to 135 MPH for the wind test!

  4. N5NTG Says:

    WB5LOP Steve, If you get a traffic ticket, will you post a copy of it here? 🙂

  5. Martin Herrera Says:

    I have this antenna, And it works great.

  6. KD5ZEW Says:

    How do I get in in that product testing 🙂 I’d love to be on the beta team for the wind test!

  7. Scotty Says:

    Greetings, I stumbled upon this and wondered if there is a schematic available? I don’t mean to keep anyone from earning some money, I just enjoy building my own antennas. This looks like a fun one to build. Thanks in advance and 73!

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