Upcoming Events For Your SA Area Ham Radio Calendar

Hams have the opportunity all year round to use their communications skills & equipment to help out the community & have fun while doing it.  SARO is very active in these events, and helping out with others. There are three major bike tours originating near San Antonio, plus the big daddy of them all that runs from Houston to Austin on the third weekend of April. To keep up on what’s happening in the local  ham world, stay tuned to SanAntonioHams.org/blog.

If you know of any ham related events not included in the list below, please contact Lee N5NTG at info@sanantoniohams.org.  Better yet, why not register as a user on this site, then ask Lee N5NTG to bump your status up so you can directly post your own articles and photos?

Coming up Fall 2011, to a start line near us, will be the following events/ opportunities:

September 17th – LaVernia Wildwest Hammerfest, benefiting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  CF is taking over this annual event from the ladies at the LaVernia Historical Society.  About 700-800 riders normally participate in this ride, which starts / ends at the LaVernia City Park.  CF will be trying to build this ride up into a fund raiser for their foundation.  New sponsors providing free food & beer to participants & volunteers. This will be their first year managing the ride, and they have been  very open to advice from experienced ham operators in handling the safety on the route.   Contact Lee Besing N5NTG (210-771-7075 / info@sanantoniohams.org) or Royce Taylor KA5OHJ (210-707-8125 or ka5ohj1@juno.com) to volunteer. SARO coordinating communications.

October 1st – Belton Ham Expo. Hamfest in Belton, Texas. Very popular event, happens 2 times a year (April / October). For more info visit http://www.beltonhamexpo.org

October 8th – Fox Hunt starting at Alamo Stadium @ 10am.  Sponsored by AARO, but open any ham wanting to find that darn fox.  This will be a 2 meter fox hunt, frequency to be announced in person at the start of the event.  AARO will offer fox hunting tips & tricks at their September 14th club meeting.

October 15-16th – BikeMS Valero Alamo Ride to the River.  Event starts / ends at AT&T center this year, with the Saturday overnight still at the Comal County Fairgrounds in New Braunfels.  Route has been expanded, so some of the break points were relocated.  Contact Lee Besing N5NTG (210-771-7075 / info@sanantoniohams.org) or Charlie Land KC5NKK (512-796-7565 or charlesdland@gmail.com) to volunteer. SARO coordinating communications.

November 5-6th – Tour de Gruene in New Braunfels / River Road area.  Hams are the only safety observers on this route, multiple courses & start times, with the Saturday morning ride being the largest (2k+ riders).  Saturday afternoon & Sunday morning are timed races on River Road, can be very dangerous for the riders because the route is open to normal traffic during the event.  Contact Mike Pfeuffer WQ5C (830-660-8871 or pfeufferm@gmail.com)  GVARC coordinating communications.

November 5th or 12th – Universal City’s Veterans Day Parade on Pat Booker Road.  Haven’t heard yet which Saturday the parade will be held on, but it’ll be one of these two days.  We’re hoping it’s on the 12th. Ham operators work with the UCPD to control safety along the route prior to the start of the parade, and during. Barricades are pre-deployed by UC Public Works at strategic intersections or parking lot exits.  All traffic direction under supervision of UCPD officers.  Contact Gary Tangrady K5GST (210-619-6217 or k5gst1@gmail.com) to volunteer.  Hill Country REACT coordinating communications.

November 13th – San Antonio Rock & Roll Marathon.  The roll of Hams has been reduced, under the new management, to coordinating the starting of the time clocks & being safety observers. Something new for this event this year, a bike ride (non-timed event, limited to 1,000 riders) will start prior to the riders running the marathon or 1/2 marathon route.  Contact Lee Besing N5NTG (210-771-7075 / info@sanantoniohams.org) to volunteer. AARO coordinating communications.

December 10th – Canyon Lake Christmas Parade.  Ham operators coordinate the layout of the parade staging area and insertion of larger units (bands, shriners, horse units, etc.) into the proper sequence as the parade begins.  Contact Gary Tangrady K5GST (210-619-6217 or k5gst1@gmail.com) to volunteer. Hill Country REACT coordinating communications.


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