W2IK Plans Minimalistic Field Day For 2011

Since we weren’t happy with any of the local radio club offerings for Field Day, Bob, W2IK, along with Krissy, KD5YTN, have planned a “Minimalistic Field Day” this year. We will be operating from a local park (to be determined), bringing only the simplest of equipment, unlike previous operations where a massive amount of equipment was brought. To be sure there are no problems, all equipment, cables and supplies will be given a through check out the day before Field Day. The only added supply will be a toolkit just in case. This means ONE radio, ONE coax cable, ONE multi-band “inverted V” antenna (W2IK design), ONE telescoping mast, etc. The radio will be powered by twin deep-cycle batteries charged by banks of solar panels. ONE 10×10 canopy will shade both the operating area and cooking area where a propane grill will cook the meals. W2IK will be operating 1Batt, STX so if you hear him, please give a shout out. Logging will be accomplished by a net-book with “SQUIRL Field Day Logger” program. As always, a paper log will provide back up. Pictures will be taken of the event to be posted at SA Hams.

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