Simplify with Anderson Power Poles

I may have mentioned to some of you that I had switched 100% over to using Anderson Power Pole connectors a few years back. But unless you wanted to shell out some big $$ to buy those power blocks from West Mountain Radio to the tune of $55-$100+ each, you had to build your own power block splitters.

Exhibit Hall inside - Grumpy WF5Y not so grumpy todayLocal Ham Operator, Grumpy, WF5Y, has a home-brew flat panel with 8 Anderson Power Pole connectors, each with their own fuse, similar to the WMR version, and he was asking $50 each at the Austin Summerfest. 

But after visiting with the DC Power folks from Beaverton, Oregon,, during the Plano Hamcom last June, I went to Wes Allen K7WWG’s web site to see what he had available.  I found an affordable solution in the form of a Red-Dee-2 8 port connector block (Model PS-8) that would allow me to feed power to 7 other devices.  The price?  $28 plus shipping.  

I just ordered 2 more,  because originally I had planned to use this initial one for my Emergency Ham Radio Go-Kit to provide an easy way to connect radios and accessories, but then it occurred to me that I needed to use it for my van’s wiring instead.

Below is a photo showing my old wiring  harness (home-brew) that would allow me to power up to 7 devices, with the PS-8 laying next to it.  Then compare that with the photo of the PS-8 connected in its place.


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