Oct 26

Amateur Radio is a wonderful hobby. But how much do you really know about it?

I have compiled everything I have learned as a licensed ham for 40 years in this document:

Want to help out? Please let me know if there is anything missing and I’ll add it.
Let us keep the Ham Radio spirit going.
Kind Regards
Kelly Lindman


Oct 21

Howdy All,
Just a friendly reminder SARO’s General Membership meeting will be held Friday October 26, 2018, at Beethoven Hall Located at 422 Pereida St., San Antonio TX.

This is in the King William neighborhood, between S. Alamo St. & Adams St. and Mission St. Parking is Free, but PLEASE be sure to park in the Beethoven Parking Lot. The lot is across the street and one lot east of Beethoven Hall. The meeting will start at 7:00 P.M.

I sure hope to see everyone at the meeting.


Oct 14

I’m a boy scout and ham operator (K5AJE) who works with the troop to teach the scouts about radios. On October 20th we will be participating in Jamboree On The Air where scouts across the world meet with amateur operators to use radio frequencies (mainly HF) to communicate to others. We plan to meet at Steven’s High school (Potranco & Ellison Rd) where we will have an open soccer field and no power lines.

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Oct 8


Here is my “Rambling Ride Report” for the weekend [editor: Valero BikeMS Ride to the River on October 6-7th, 2018]. Please feel free to publish, conceal, distribute, fold, spindle, or mutilate as you see fit.






2018 MS Ride to the River: A Backseat Ham Reports.

Day 1: Saturday

At about 03:00 Saturday morning, I dragged my reluctant backside out of a nice warm bed, loaded some radio equipment, tools, and a few personal items into “Smart Car 42,” and set out for Rolling Oaks mall on the extreme Northeast side of San Antonio, Texas. If you asked me why, I’d have to say it’s complected. Sure, my company encourages me to do volunteer stuff. US Bank even matches cash donations to the organization at my hourly rate for events I participate in, but the biggest part is that my late father-in-law was a MS victim—a paraplegic confined to a wheelchair for half of his adult life—and that, and his daughter, my wife, was diagnosed with MS shortly after we were married 25 years ago. I’d like to say that those who participate in these events exemplify the indomitable spirits of my wife and her dad—accept, adapt, adjust, double-down, overcome—rinse, and repeat.

First thing Saturday, I discovered that while I know exactly where the mall is in the daytime, I have no idea where it is at 04:00 in the morning. Fortunately I was able to illustrate one of the many valid reasons for having a ham radio in your car. My dedicated GPS was not acting anything like ‘dedicated’, and it seemed like it would be more expedient to ask for directions than to fool with getting it on my phone; I posed my quandary to the good folks who happened to be monitoring the AARO repeater at that hour, and, Bob’s your uncle, I had the name and exit number about two minutes before I needed it.

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Oct 8

Here’s the edited version of the drone video on Day-1, Saturday, October 6, 2018. I used my DJI Mavic Pro drone to fly near the start line at Rolling Oaks Mall and later to track the riders and Turtle vehicles a short distance north on Nacogdoches Road as they rode past my launching point.

The 2018 Valero BikeMS Ride to the River 2-day bicycle ride started in San Antonio and ended up in New Braunfels, TX. #BIKEMS #MAVICPRO

Oct 8

The Medina Radio Club will have it’s monthly meeting this Thursday, October 11th, at 10am at the Medina United Methodist Church.

We will be working on teaching members how to program their radios so any help would be appreciated.

The Church is on the road next to the new Family Dollar store off of 16. We do have coffee and food.

While you are in downtown Medina you can visit our wonderful library and check out one of our 43 Amateur Radio related books.


Peter K5HAB