Boy Scout Jamboree OThe Air Oct 20th 2018

I’m a boy scout and ham operator (K5AJE) who works with the troop to teach the scouts about radios. On October 20th we will be participating in Jamboree On The Air where scouts across the world meet with amateur operators to use radio frequencies (mainly HF) to communicate to others. We plan to meet at Steven’s High school (Potranco & Ellison Rd) where we will have an open soccer field and no power lines.


We’re planning to operate from 1pm-4pm, with setup around noon.

We currently only have 1 operator that can operate on HF (K5JJS) and he only has 1 capable radio. We would like to invite you to our JOTA event so we can teach the newer generation about ham radio and so we can keep this great hobby living.

Please contact me at [redacted after the event] or call me at [redacted].

Andrew Elkins-K5AJE

[Photos & Video by Lee Besing N5NTG]


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