Sep 30

ARES Connect is the new nation-wide reporting tool. They accomplish this via an online calendar. Very simple to use. Takes time to build the membership. Still want that Excel spreadsheet? ARES Connect can produce an Excel spreadsheet of your activity very easily. “Click Click Click, it’s real easy man”. Read the STX help Q and A paper:

How do you sign up for ARES Connect?

Send a link to your members to sign up:

Please signup as our activity reporting will eventually migrate to this program.

Sep 17

Mike Falcon KD5OZM Silent Key Sept 17, 2018

RIP Mike Falcon, KD5OZM.

I just received a phone call from Andrew Watson saying that Mike had passed away.

Andrew Watson had given Mike a ride to the ARRO Ham Club meeting last week on Wednesday, then Mike reported becoming extremely ill the next day.

It is not believed that the two events were related.

Mike had been in great spirits during the meeting, saying how much better his vision had become after his eye surgery.

Mike is a former director and club president of the Alamo Area Radio Organization (AARO) and had been very active with club events in the past.

UPDATE 10/22 Services: Here’s the info on Mike’s funeral/memorial service.

St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church 1710 Clower Street SA, TX 78201

A lunch reception will follow in the church hall following services Oct 22, 2018 at 10 a.m.

Sep 12

I’m sure everyone has noticed that the ground is saturated. There’s also a bit of a tropical system, which may or may not develop into something worse, approaching the area. Plus a major nasty system is heading for parts of the east coast.

The American Red Cross has stood up their disaster response here in San Antonio.

Please get ready in case we are needed to handle any communication outages or overloads. Check your equipment, your go-bags and your rain gear.

Make sure you can contact the traffic net 443.025 + 82.5 in case we need to move health and welfare messages.

If there is a power and/or internet outage, monitor 147.18 + 103.5 and —as always when there’s weather involved — monitor 146.94 – 179.9 for Skywarn activation.

Hopefully no one will need us, but let’s stand ready – just in case.

Ruth Lewis KE5MHJ

Bexar County ARES EC

Posted by: Ruth Lewis <ruthlewis@hamsters dot name>
Sep 8

DUE TO THE ACTIVATION OF THE AMERICAN RED CROSS, in response to the expected incoming coastal weather patterns, their building became unavailable for this event. A new date will be selected and announced in the future.

New Date Selected – February 2, 2019

Greg N5XO


The HAMster VHF/UHF Weak Signal Group presents our 4TH HAMster Lunch and Learn, plus swap meet. FREE admission. Friends and family are very welcome! You don’t need to be a ham to attend. Lots and lots of door prizes will be raffled off.



Saturday, September 22, 2018 @ 8:00 am

Location: American Red Cross, 3642 E Houston St, San Antonio TX 78219

(Please use the side entrance off of Houston Street, not the main entrance from parking lot.)

Please RSVP ASAP to Greg for lunch, etc.


  • FT-920 100 Watt HF/6 Meter Radio with Desk Microphone
  • Yaesu HT, VX-5 with Desk Charger
  • Lots of other door prizes!


Indoor swap meet with table lease of $10 each. If you wish to lease a table, contact Patrick or call/text 210-380-1220.


Technical Training to make yourself more effective in VHF/UHF DXing, no matter your VHF/UHF interest. A more efficient station is just more fun!!


07:15-08:00 Swap meet table setup

08:00 Sign in – Raffle Ticket Sales – Swap Meet

09:00 N5XO – Introduction to VHF/UHF Weak Signal & HAMster Group

09:30 N5XO – Is your Coax Charging you a TAX?

09:30 N7LRY– Quadrifilar Helix Antenna. A surprising performer

10:30 W5KTX – Station building, Grounding

10:30 N7LRY– Analyzer-Tools to get you that last db



12:30 KC5ULU– How to build a 2 meter 4 element Quad for under $50

12:30 KA2ZGW– Traffic Handling-How to create a message and send it

13:00 AD5BR – Volunteer Examiner Test Session for New hams & Upgrades. $15 Test fee. Bring photo ID. Contact HAMTEST@GMAIL.COM for more info.

14:00 N5XO– Final Program & Raffle

For more information on the HAMsters go to: or our all new interactive web page:

Greg N5XO