Hurricane Dorian Watch Net

For those of you playing with GR Level 3, Dorian is just now starting
to show up on Base Reflectivity (red marker at center of eye).
If you want to watch yourself, use site KAMX.

If you want to view on the new GOES-16 satellite,

And the hurricane watch net is active
The Net is Active on 14.325 MHz & 7.268 MHz

Avoid unnecessary traffic on those 2 frequencies.

This thing is shaping up to be a real monster….

On Facebook, you follow the Hurricane Watch Net here…

From Amateur Radio News Line Facebook group on 9/2/2019…

Keep The Freqs CLEAR! The Hurricane Watch Net is Active on 14.325.00 MHz & 7.268.00 MHz 24/7.

At 5am (Arizona Standard Time) I turned on the radio to listen to the HWN on 40M 7.268.

4 Hours later (9am) the Pacific RV Service net started up as it always does on 7.268.5.

Within a short time no less than 5 stations started to ask that the freq be cleared over and over, the HWN stations here were 55-57, it was heard by a few people and IGNORED!

That was the point when I got frustrated and made the request to the net myself, I am a regular check in to the PRV net so I know for dang sure I was heard at FULL POWER, the reply I received was “its not in our area so what” and the Pacific RV net just kept on rolling along again with HWN stations asking to clear off.

This was not only embarrassing and frustrating to me to be a part of the PRV net but also in direct violation.

What part of declaration of emergency did you NOT understand?

At that point I turned the radio off because the QRM was so bad I could not hear HWN as they were still complaining.

Sorry for the soapbox folks, I dont use the group for this dribble but I cant seem to let it go as I am still extremely aggravated.

James – KB7TBT


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