QRZ Fake Email Scammer Alert

I was notified via a sharp eyed ham who recognized a bad photoshop.

Here’s how it works.

1) Scammer goes on QRZ and finds a valid call sign.
2) Scammer then goes to FCC ULS database with the call sign to get your name and address.
3) Scammer creates an email account that includes your call sign. In my case it was ki5aiu.qrz@gmail.com
4) Scammer trolls the QRZ (or other) swapmeet areas looking for someone who wants a specific piece of equipment.
5) Scammer downloads pictures of the equipment off the web or from prior sales.
6) Scammer photoshops the pictures and adds your call sign to the picture.
7) Scammer contacts buyer with a too good to be true offer. The scammer wants to be paid via Paypal (friends and family – which offer no buyer protection), and at a different email address than the one they just created.

In this case, the buyer was suspicious and contacted me at the email I have listed in QRZ (my real email address).

1) have contacted the scammer and blown up his scheme.
2) I have updated my QRZ bio with a warning to contact me should anyone contact them about an offer to sell equipment.



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