Accusations Made Against Local Ham Proven False

It was brought to my attention that a couple of local hams have been making up lies about a third ham, claiming that this 3rd ham operator was in trouble with the FCC over his operating procedures and sloppy repeater operations (repeaters not in compliance).

They even tried to get the American Red Cross and other repeater locations to ban Greg from those sites, and almost persuaded another repeater trustee to back out of a linked repeater (Yaseau Fusion) project.

So I reached out to the ham being accused of these behaviors or actions and asked for his side of the issue.

Greg Lewis, N5XO, has supplied me with copies of  two letters from the FCC disputing the claims of these other operators, plus three MP3 recordings from over the air, showing proof that these two hams have indeed been bad mouthing him and making unsubstantiated accusations over the air.

Greg’s Statement:

“For the past 8 years, I have been the victim of relentless personal attacks, slander and harassment by a small group of other hams.  These other hams do not appear to contribute anything back to the ham community in the form of emergency or public event service, but instead spend their time stirring up trouble between different hams or groups.  As a few examples, they were actively involved in getting the AARO ham club kicked out of their regular meeting location at  University  Hospital due to their  disturbance during such meeting.  They were active in training a non-ham how to program his pawnshop bought hand held ham radio and encouraged him to cause willful interference on multiple repeaters. That non-ham received letters from the FCC ordering him to cease and desist, as did the hams who were actively prompting his actions.  That non-ham is currently pending legal action against him by the Bexar County DA’s office and has been released on bond pending trial later this year.  (His original trial dates have been continually postponed and rescheduled since this started in 2014.)”

“In the previous years, Gary Sheets, Thomas Caldwell and Russ Flowers also created and distributed CD’s, containing (so called) proof of my alleged personal misdeeds, to over 100 Amateurs, plus the American Red Cross, TX VHF Society and my employer, in an attempt to try and create a persona for me that was blatantly false. ”

[Webmaster Notes: Russ Flowers had previously contacted me directly last year, claiming he wasn’t actively involved with this “complaint issue” – Lee N5NTG]

“I was fortunate and able to provide all of the indisputable documentation proving the truth and not the fabricated story that these three individuals invented and continue to this day. By providing indisputable evidence showing them to have created these lies, their efforts have had no negative impact upon me, and in fact, benefited my reputation within the Amateur Community. ”

“I have collected more than 70 copies of these CDs from other folks that I will some day find a use for.  Maybe to use them as hanging reflective devices to frighten off birds or signal mirrors when I’m out in the boondocks hunting, sort of like we used to do with those pesky AOL CDs.”

“These other hams have been relentless in the continued efforts to try and discredit me among fellow Amateurs and people with whom I am working on projects with and try to impact my efforts.”

“Gary Sheets {WD5FWP} made the statement that he would destroy me, and he has spearheaded many personal attacks. Ignoring these actions prove fruitless because it just drives them to work harder to get a reaction, so my only remaining option is in a public forum to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they lies they are telling are exactly that. Each time they attempt to harm me with twisted truths, our right lies and fabricated tails, I have been providing public evidence of the actions of these individuals as well as indisputable evidence to disprove their lies.”

“#1: Upon learning of my plans for our 4th Fusion repeater in the Bandera area of the Texas Hill Country, Gary Sheets {WD5FWP} began telling local individuals up there, that my repeaters were operated illegally and that the FCC had served me a summons to fix my repeater {specifically the 14KC over deviation}, and that I refused to make the repairs and in fact adding a jamming device to my repeater to cause deliberate and harmful interference to Gary Sheets 147.140 repeater. He told several individuals that through FOIA (the freedom of information act) they had copies of not only the letters of warning from the FCC, but letter of order to terminate the operation of my repeater until which time it was properly aligned and serviced.”

“This caused the individuals which whom I was working with to have concerns about working with me on a repeater project, but fortunately I was able to provide them with evidence {included in this post} and allow them to understand where the accusations were being generated.”

“#2: Gary Sheets {WD5FWP}, on multiple occasions, has informed these same individuals that I was a jammer and responsible for the dead-keying of his repeater. He has done this no less than 27 times over the past year, he also stated the FCC was looking into my jamming activities and I was warned by the FCC to fly right.”

“#3: Gary Sheets and Thomas Caldwell on multiple occasions have publicly stated over the air, that they had copies of the FCC warning letters advising me that I was under investigation and under order to bring my repeaters into legal and proper operation. They also threatened to go to American Red Cross informing them of my [alleged] illegal activities and repeater operation and how it would leave them liable for any interference my repeaters caused to other transmitters. I am aware of at least two occasions where one or more of them have gone to the Red Cross filing complaints in an attempt to get them to remove my repeaters. Those repeaters are also being used in emergency service by the Bexar County ARES group and others for public event communications support.”

“#4: Thomas Caldwell and Gary Sheets on multiple occasions have publicly stated that they had a copy of the letter I wrote to the FCC informing them of my efforts to repair my repeater and to properly set the deviation and how I purchased a Station Monitor to make these repairs as per the FCC orders. They also reported multiple conversations they claimed to have had personally with Officer Lee Browning of the Investigative Division of the FCC and how he stated after a discussion regarding what they call my repeater beacon “If I allowed that, think of all the trouble we would have” and that Mr. Browning promised immediate and full action for my refusal to make the repairs and to turn off my “illegal beacon”.

End of Greg’s Statement to me.




Greg provided us with those copies of  letters that had been mailed to him from the  FCC, including one from Laura Smith, Esq, Special Council for the FCC Enforcement Bureau.  Ms. Smith is the top dog when it comes to enforcement compliance by 2-way radio licensees, including Ham Radio operators. Please click on image to the right to view the full size file for each letter.












2015-12-17_Lee_ Brown_FCC




In addition to the FCC letter from Laura Smith, one of the FCC enforcement agents named in one of the recordings, Lee Brown, has also sent a letter to  Greg, saying that Greg has never been in trouble with him and that Greg’s repeaters haven’t been cited for being  non-conforming.

I’ve converted the letters into  image files, so they could be attached to this post. I’ll also try to embed the three MP3 files as well.








Below are the three audio recordings that I received from Greg, where the two other operators were discussing Greg’s alleged behaviors and actions over the air.

Let the fun begin. All comments will be moderated for language.


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  1. Andrew Says:

    This is what Tommy & Gary have been doing for years… This is not new… But very Sad that they do this… This is why Ham’s hate them so much….


    all I know is a complaint was lodged with Laura Smith and LEE Browning and gre’s repeater is no longer over deviating and he no longer transmits a 15 second pulse all night long

  3. Greg Lewis Says:

    No Tommy, what you did was follow your normal pattern of harassment and dishonesty. Just as you and Gary have done for almost a decade against me and before me it was others you did this too and continue to harass.

    What really happened is that you and Gary Sheets once again created a lie out of thin air to use in personal slander and harassment against me and I proved once again that you and Gary fabricated this lie and now you are attempting to cover up your lies with a string of new lies and invented stories.

    Over the past 7 to 8 years you all have created out of thin air absolute lies against me with NO BASES OF FACT and then you begin telling those lies as if they are truth and something dark and sinister you uncovered that NO one is aware of. Well you are correct NO one is aware of them, because you two made them up.

    At first it pissed me off and I reacted out of anger just like any normal person, then I found it was more beneficial too me to simply just provide INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE that you too are liars. By providing evidence that you created these lies out of thin air or took 1% fact and invented 99% lie, it ends conversations.

    I have taken every lie you have performed and provided the general public with absolute proof that you lied and what the actual truth is. Just as I did with your latest round of lies and fabrications.

    For example:

    The first attack you all made against me, was in May of 2009. You claimed and Gary supported your claim that to buy the equipment in my HAM Shack, I was stealing the dues from the club, and that the Unusual Suspects had filed charges against me. Gary even followed this claim up further with a statement he had spoken to the DA and I was looking at some very hard time.

    This stupid lie was very easy to put into place.

    First everyone is aware we are an UNCLUB and we do not collect any dues. And then I simply had every single member of the club send me a signed letter stating there was NO such truth to these statements and anyone who doubted or question was provided this evidence.

    Then my favorite, back when the area along side our development was still farm land, poachers were hunting deer and my son who was home alone at the time and heard gun shots and called the police. You and Gary both made the claim you had copies of a police report that said my house had a drive by shooting on it and Gary described how the police report showed my house had 3 or 4 rounds rip through the front door and window.

    Again easy to prove as a lie. You took the complaint filed from my home of shots fired in the field behind us. I went and got the part of the report you forgot too provide. The one that showed, they caught some kids hunting and target shooting in the field and creek bed.

    Easy to show you and Gary again fabricated a lie.

    The list goes on and on and each and every time I simply proved you were lying and had fabricated the entire story. I have demonstrated time and time again that you and Gary have no credibility and that I am just the current victim in a long line of victims of your abuse.

    Why do you think so many people who originally started out conversing with you and Gary now will have nothing to do with you and in most cases have joined our group and are very active hams enjoying our group activities and Amateur Radio. See we do not speak bad about you, we simply provide the evidence of your lie and follow it up with the proof. Let the facts sort it all out.

    As to your comments in which I am replying too here in this blog.

    You are attempting to throw in the Tommy Twist that you are so famous for. Yes there was a complaint against my repeater for over deviation. It was filed by you, you then took the simple fact that you knew of a complaint {easy since you filed it} and you and Gary fabricated lies based on that complaint.

    Over 3 dozen recordings in a 2 month period were made of you and Gary point blank stating that you had copies of the FCC letters fining me, ordering me to shut down the repeaters, ordering me to fix my repeaters and you also both stated that Lee Browning told you directly that he was taking care of the problem and that the FCC was working to handle me. Gary even stated the Lee Browning told him that I was ordered to “fly right, and have an expert fix my repeaters”.

    So evidence of over 3 dozen lies as told by you and Gary were recorded.

    It was then a simple matter to request from Laura Smith and Lee Browning both of the FCC and the individuals whom you and Gary Sheets named as the individuals whom were taking action against me to write letters proving you were once again FABRICATING LIES.


    You are now attempting to save face and compounding the lies with additional lies.

    Since the date we put our repeater on the air, there has not been a single adjustment to the deviation, the group mode or any other changes made to my repeater.

    This is my first and only reply to you.

    I have NO interest in turning Lee’s Blog into another version of Topix and I have NO interest in trying to hold a rational conversation or arguing with a dishonest person.

    I will end with this simple bottom line.

    Stop fabricating and telling lies about me, and I’ll stop proving each time that you are a liar.

    I am in the hobby for the enjoyment of the radio communication and challenging myself and my capabilities to expanding the range of communications specifically on the higher frequencies and microwave bands. I have NO interest in petty childish games.

    Have a good weekend.

    Greg N5XO



  5. Greg Lewis Says:

    Tommy I really should not waste my time replying to you and I had promised myself I would not. If you would educate yourself on things before you leap to wild ass conclusions, you would understand that when it is on or off depends on the people who are using the repeater. It is sometimes not used for days, and other times it is on for hours with 1, 4, 7, 10 or even 20 people pinging. Real radio’s do not even hear it. It’s a function that is part of the Fusion Network. Plan and simple.

    No matter how you attempt to twist the truth Tommy, the truth always remains the same. You take tiny shreds of fact and you invent a story. You had a piece of crap radio with no front end, you declared I was over deviating. You bought a new radio and funny the over deviating was fixed. The fact you filed a complaint has no bearing on the cold hard reality. The FCC 100% supported my claims and you were caught lying. You stated multiple times YOU HAD LETTERS FROM THE FCC STATING I was ordered to fix my repeater. THE FCC LETTERS PROVE YOU LIED, Gary claimed that he spoke to Lee Browning and that Lee Browning informed him that I was ordered to fix the repeater and to turn off what you call the beacon THE LETTERS FROM THE FCC proved you and he both lied. You claimed you had a copy of the letter I wrote in response to the orders from the FCC to repair my repeater, the letters from the FCC PROVED YOU LIED.

    What is the common thread here Tommy everything proves you lied.

    THE FACTS ARE SIMPLE, my repeaters never over deviated, they never had an illegal jamming beacon on them and we 100% follow the rules and regulations. Your attempts to paint an image other wise only continues to show you as dishonest and childish.

    Bottom line, I am here to enjoy the hobby and not play games with you two individuals. Give up the lying, leave me the hell alone and you would never have anything to deal with regarding me in your life. Tell lies, and I will continue to present the FACTS and continue to show you for what you are.

    End of Story.


  6. Greg Lewis Says:

    Tommy you may wish to read the guidelines for operating DMR on Amatuer Radio. Pay special attention to the last paragraph. But then causing DISHARMONY is why you operate DMR on 146.520.

    On the professional side of DMR, Talk-Around refers to operating
    simplex on a repeater output channel. This allows a direct
    communication while still being able to hear the repeater. This allows
    users to directly contact other users listening on the repeater output
    frequency. Amateurs typically use dedicated simplex channels so as not
    to interfere with repeaters. The amateur DMR community has published
    a list of recommended simplex frequencies to be used instead of
    operating simplex on repeater outputs:
    UHF 1) 441.000 2) 446.500 3) 446.075 4) 433.450
    VHF 1) 145.790 2) 145.510
    [Use TG99 / CC1 / TS1 /Admit Criteria: Always / In Call Criteria: TX or Always]
    Do not use 146.520 or 446.000; they are the national analog simplex
    channels and operating DMR on these common analog use frequencies
    will just cause disharmony within the amateur community.


    Greg I was around when the arrl started its alleged gentleman’s agreement on 52. no buddy asked for my consent. I only operate under FCC rules. I do not let you pretenders tell me how to operate.

  8. N5XO Says:

    Have a good day Tommy.

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