Public Notice To WD5FWP, Regarding Repeater Usage

Gary R Sheets
April 17th 2015
Amateur License: WD5FWP
San Antonio, Texas 78218

Mr. Sheets,

Please consider this official notice that effective on this 17th day of April 2015, you are hereby directed that you are not authorized for any purpose beyond an Actual Life or Death Emergency to use any of the Repeaters Owned or Operated by N5XO.

This includes, but is not limited to, the following Repeaters: 927.0750 / 443.025 / 147.120 / 145.350 and any future repeaters that I should bring on the air. Failure to heed to this notification will result in immediate notification to the F.C.C Enforcement Bureau.

You are in receipt of this notification due to your consistent behavior that is contrary to the Spirit of Amateur Radio, the direct personal abuse aimed at myself personally as well as the members of our local Radio Group. I also personally believe that you were involved in the placing of the Jamming  transmitter in the creek bed behind my home, as well as guided John Watkins in his actions against me and my family. All actions are contrary to the good Amateur Practices and civilized behavior.

With this, it is my belief that permitting you to use my equipment would not be of benefit to the myself, the local Amateur Community or our Amateur Radio Group.

Gregory Lewis
Amateur License: N5XO

Laura Smith of the F.C.C
Mark Stennant of the Texas VHF Society
Kim Molder, Converse P.D

Note: This letter was sent via registered USPS mail to the ham’s mailing address.  Address was marked out in the above letter.


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