GVARC Wurst Ever Swap Meet -Valentines Day 2015

Fellow GVARC members and other hams,

No, it isn’t a spelling error, it was plagiarized from WD5GWT to hopefully grab your attention to start going through your piles of ham stuff and pulling out unused antennas of any sort, superseded ARRL publications, hf. vhf and uhf rigs, meters, ‘scopes, computers, solder stations and such like.

Talk-In Repeater: 147.00- (103.5PL)

Location & Time: You will want to bring those items Saturday morning to GVARC’s swap meet at 0900 Saturday morning, February 14th, 2015,  at the New Braunfels Fire Training Facility, 1311 Industrial Drive here in New Braunfels.

GVARC had hoped to use Granzin’s overflow parking lot diagonally across from the main entrance, but it was discovered this morning that the lot now belongs to a local church.

GVARC requests that you bring only ham related stuff. That is to say, no kittens, puppies, sheep or Avon products. GVARC’s expectation is the honesty typically associated among hams. If you say something works, it should. If you don’t know, say so.

Here’s how is going to happen. Everyone is invited to join us for GVARC breakfast at Granzin BBQ Restaurant (660 West San Antonio Street, in New Braunfels, TX 78130) at 0730 or so Saturday, and then promptly at 0845, we will saddle up and ride over to parking lot where K5GST and his VE team administer GVARC ham exams.

It is imperative that tailgate sellers, vendors and visitors park only either in the parking area allocated to the Fire Training Facility or on adjacent streets. If you do not comply, the City of New Braunfels will be officially displeased and bad things will flow down hill.

If you have been a ham more than a couple of years, and you’re honest with both us and yourself, you’ve bought stuff that you’ve later upgraded, and you’re using it as a door stop, a boat anchor, or you’ve hidden it from your XYL. Now is your opportunity to sell or swap it for something you can actually use. If you’re a newly licensed whose rig is a Baofeng with a 5/8’s mag mount, you may might find a basic HF rig and explore the magic of talking to somebody outside Dixie.

REQUIRED HEALTH WARNING – Do not attend the swap meet unless you have attended to all your Valentine Day responsibilities, or have made firm arrangements with your Significant Other to do so later in the day. If you ignore this warning, although AC5RN may be on scene to supervise those of us who will try to splint and stitch you up, neither he nor GVARC will assume any responsibility if you fail to survive.

Lastly, GVARC’s compliments to AF5IA, who envisioned this initiative.

Ronnie K5USN (830) 305-0455


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