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WeakSignal_Hamsters_GroupHAMSter Weak Signal Net

0:00 UTC / 6:pm Central Time
144.205 USB

The HAMster Amateur Radio group is about promoting this exciting area of our hobby from 50 Mhz to 1296 Mhz. The goal is to bring Experienced Weak Signal Operators and Weak Signal “rookies” together. To encourage and promote weak signal operations, contest activity and contact weekends.

Our weekly net has enjoyed checkin’s through out San Antonio, and Kerrville, Alice, Nixon, Houston, Cureo, Dallas, Schertz, Boerne, Seguin.

Let’s keep expanding that coverage areas

If you have not yet experienced the thrill of making contacts, 700, 1000, 1400 miles on 2 meters and up, or daily 2 meter and up contacts of 100, 200 and 300 miles….then you are not operating Weak Signal SSB.

The HAMSter group is about experiencing those thrills and encouraging and promoting others to learn more about this exciting aspect of our hobby.

If as a Amateur Radio Operator you have never experienced the thrill of making that first weak signal contact on VHF and higher then you are missing out on a great aspect of the hobby and an entire frontier of Amateur radio. Words can not express the thrill the first time you experience making a contact on VHF or UHF that is 200, 500, 600 or a 1000 miles away.

Do not fall for the myth that you must have a massive antenna system, huge amps and thousands upon thousands invested. A modest station with solid band conditions can work hundreds of miles with great consistency. My first 2 meter weak signal contact was 780 miles with a 100 watts and a stacked set of 13 element beams.

So come on, join in the fun and encourage your friends to take part in this very exciting part of our hobby.

N0IRS was my first long haul 2 meter contact {750 miles} to his location in Kansas City, his enthusiasm, and efforts to promote Weak Signal Operation combined with my contact to him and others in the Kansas City area one hot June afternoon hooked me.  Check out this video by N0IRS showing just what can be done on 2 meters. Then come and join in on the excitement.

Greg Lewis N5XO

HAMSter Weak Signal Group

Learn more at:   http://hamsters.name/index.html#


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