SPAM Registrations Deleted

Every week, we delete close to 50+ new spam user registrations on this blog, mostly from or domains.  When we had the free classified ads feature activated on this site, these idiots would flood us with bogus ads from India, make money from home scams, and other bogus stuff.  Now they just register and find out there isn’t a place for their stupid ads.

If you register as a user on this site, please give us your name & call sign (if applicable) when you sign up.  Otherwise, if you have some weird looking email address that doesn’t make obvious sense to us, we’ll delete you along with the bogus registrations each week. We do encourage new users who are either ham radio operators or interested in ham radio topics.

However, if you contact us at and ask to be bumped up in “status” so you can post your own articles (ham related please), we’ll know you are a real person because we’ll confirm that before raising your status on this blog.

We encourage new authors to register & write / post their own news articles, but newbies will continue to have their postings moderated until I get to know the author and build up a trust factor between us.

210-771-7075 (voice/text okay)


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  1. K5STX Says:

    Come on now, SPAM in the Can has many good uses and literally thousands of recipes! 🙂

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