CCARC Eye Ball Meeting @ Belton Ham Expo


At the March 2012 CCARC Eyeball meeting,  discussion lead to a vote that passed by majority to change the Eyeball Meeting format. We will no longer have a set day ( First Thursday of each month) nor will we meet every month at Driscoll Children’s Hospital. Our Club has become, by popular demand, an EVENT instead of Meeting Club..

 The next 4 months have been planned already..

For April.. we will be caravanning up to the Belton Ham-Fest.. A group Friday afternoon and then   a second group early Saturday morning will be headed up. After the Saturday morning stroll thru the Ham-Fest at 3pm we will be meeting at the Ox Bow restaurant almost right next door to the Belton Expo. This will be our April 2012 CCARC Eyeball meeting.  Everyone come up and enjoy the Ham-Fest and the CCARC Eyeball meeting at the Ox Bow before the trip back.

 In May, the CCARC Eyeball Meeting will be at the 2nd annual Buccaneer Tail Gate, More info coming the APOC has moved to the shopping strip behind the old Luby’s on Alameda (Near DCH). Testing, Food, lots of “trash to treasures” stories to be told here!! More Info to com.. Stand By!!

In June, the CCARC Eyeball Meeting will be breakfast at the “STARTING LINE” of the First Annual CCARC “On the Air Car Rally/Mobile Net around the BAY”.. A full day, afternoon and evening of tripping around the bay , on the air and stops for fun things to do.. More Info to come.. Stand By!!

In July.. plans are under way and development of our FIRST Mobile Fox Hunt!! Working on the route and the hardest locations for all those foxes!! We’ll let you know about that one!!!

Hope to see everyone in Belton.. If you want to go, don’t have a ride give me a call .. we’ll get ya there!!!

Linda Peterson
DCH Disaster Services*W5LSS / W5DCH Trustee
361.442.9852 cell


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