Ferrari Stuck on Tracks, Hit by Train in Sherman

train comingIt was no April Fool’s call to 911 Wednesday, but some may have thought so. Instead, it was a dangerous train accident in Sherman early Wednesday morning.  This story has nothing at all to do with Amateur Radio, but I’m assuming that most of us would have had more  brains that this fellow demonstrates (when you listen to the 911 recording, you’ll understand what I’m referring to).

It was breaking news on KTEN News Today: According to Sherman Police, a Ferrari became high-centered on the railroad tracks, and the train just couldn’t stop, slamming into the high-priced sports car.

This all happened just south of the Tyson Foods plant in Sherman at about 3:30 Wednesday morning.

Sherman Police tell KTEN News that the train was going about 40 miles per hour upon impact.

Police say the man driving the 2000 Ferrari called the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office and told them he was stuck on the tracks.  They told him to get safety, so he escaped before the train hit the sports car.

Listen to 911 Audio Recording here… 

Talk about being stupid, and probably drunk!

News clip found at News & Weather Station, in Texoma, Tx (north of Dallas)


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