How To Fry A Turkey In A Van?

Note: This post has zero to do with Ham Radio, but we thought it was strange enough, or perhaps just dumb enough, to share with our readers.  It really shows how stupid some folks can get…  Lee N5NTG

Original Story By Kim Wilmath and Robbyn Mitchell
St. Petersburg Times

TAMPA, Fla. December 18, 2009 — A turkey-frying stunt Friday by the MJ Morning Show injured a firefighter, destroyed a van and alarmed fire department officials, who say the intentional blaze was unauthorized.  Tampa fire spokesman Capt. Bill Wade said he was “very disappointed.” Officials from WFLZ-FM 93.3 were not available to comment.

The DJs used a crane to drop a turkey carcass through the open roof of a plumbing van that had a vat of burning oil inside.    An inflatable snowman stood near the van’s open side doors.    Clear Channel broadcast the whole thing live from its studio parking lot.

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For the first few minutes, the broadcast focused on a large silver pot smoking on a burner inside the open van. Then the smoke turned to flames that shot through the van’s roof.

When the turkey finally reached the pot, flames engulfed the van. Radio employees ran around the van, first laughing, then trying to put it out with handheld fire extinguishers.

“How we going to put this thing out?” one DJ asked.

“I don’t know,” said another, laughing.

Tampa firefighters soon arrived in full gear and began spraying down the van. Wade said Capt. Ken Licata, 47, a 26-year veteran of the fire department, hurt his back during the incident and was hospitalized.


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