2009 Skywarn Recognition Day – Photos

Here are some photos taken during the 2009 Skywarn Recognition Day during the operations held at the Austin / San Antonio National Weather Service office in New Braunfels…  We’re working on a video as we type this blog entry, so check back later to see some area hams working the bands, without doing Kareoke…  See Video Here..

The following 9 hams worked at this year’s 24 hour event locally…

  • Wade W5ERX  – REACT / GVARC
  • Louis K1STX  – REACT / Chaparral ARC
  • Bob W2IK   – Bexar Operators Group
  • JC N5RXS  – SARC
  • Pat AD5BR  – REACT
  • Lee N5NTG  – REACT
  • Gary K5GST  – REACT / GVARC
  • Jeremy KE5ELI  – Chaparral ARC
  • Al KE6LGE  – REACT
  • Wade KE5ZOU – REACT


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