New 2010 SARO Board Seated

logosaro_smTonight was the first meeting of the 2010 San Antonio Repeater Organization (SARO) newly elected Board of Directors.  Four (4) new directors had been elected by the members this month to serve a 2 year term of office.  Only about half of the SARO members returned a ballot in the election.  SARO mails paper ballots to every member in good standing (ie. their dues got paid) by the first of November.  Ballots are generally due by sometime in the 2nd week (this year it was December 11th).

Elected were Lee N5NTG, Pat AD5BR, Bob K5AUW, and Gary K5GST.  Their term of office is thru end of 2011.  Outgoing directors were Sharon Olson KB5KZD, Chuck Kenworthey WB5FWI, and Royce Taylor KA5OHJ.

Next year’s election will be for only three director positions.  SARO has seven elected directors, who serve alternating 2 year terms, with a two (2) consecutive term limit. Three are elected in even numbered years, while four are elected in odd numbered years. Once the Directors are elected, the Board meets to elect new officers for the upcoming year.

The 2010 Officers for SARO will be:

  • President – Erik Olson WB5ZJQ
  • Vice Pres – Gary Tangrady K5GST
  • Secretary – Dale Robinson KB5YSJ
  • Treasurer – Mike Check K5UCQ
  • Director – Pat Knight AD5BR
  • Director – Lee Besing N5NTG
  • Director – Bob Rodriguez K5AUW

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