New ARES EC for Comal County – W5DK


Just announced today on the South Texas ARES Email List…

 I’m pleased to announce that Don Kirchner W5DK has stepped up to become EC for Comal county.   Thanks Don!

Tom Whiteside, N5TW
South Texas ARES Section Emergency Coordinator

Webmaster note – To learn more about Don, view his video on YouTube shown below… (just kidding, but Don is well known for helping out with the MS150, Tour de Cure, maintenance for multiple area repeaters and EOC installations, including the newest repeater at Canyon Lake on 444.450. – Lee N5NTG)


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  1. Jessica Graham Says:

    I volunteer some of my time to help nonprofits with their websites. I worked in IT for 23 years and was a professional webmaster too. I’ve helped eight organizations so far. Do you have any interest in getting a free website? I just helped an animal shelter and their site is really nice now. I helped a women’s center before that.

    Jessica Graham

  2. N5NTG Says:

    Jessica, thanks for your offer. I really appreciate it.

    However, this site is already a free website, provided for the benefit of the Amateur Radio community. I’ve been paying for it out of my own pocket, hosting and registration, since it was created in 2003. The down side of that, the free part, is since I earn my living as a computer consultant and webmaster since 1995, my various free sites tend to get less of my attention than sometimes they deserve. Something about the golden rule applying to the situation, in that my customers paying the gold, make the rules about how my time gets allocated. (Or so they think.)

    The main portion of this website hasn’t been updated in a major way for a couple of years now. If I did it all over again, I’d probably convert the whole site over to a premimum blog theme and use WordPress to run it, instead of Dreamweaver.

    Please feel free to contact me using or calling 210-771-7075.

    Lee Besing, N5NTG
    Webmaster – San Antonio Hams

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