Universal City Police Thank The Hams!

Charlie KC5NKK riding in UC PD Patrol Car

Charlie KC5NKK riding in UC PD Patrol Car

Received this thank you letter in the email box today from UCPD Lt. Steve Denton, who was in charge of the 2009 Annual Veterans Day Parade in Universal City, Texas. 

More than 2 dozen hams and other volunteers assisted the police department with establishing control of traffic prior to the parade beginning, moving barricades into place when instructed by radio, and telling residents or drivers that they shouldn’t turn onto Pat Booker Road once the barricades were in place.  It was the job of the Police Officers to enforce those rules, we just told folks what the rules were, then enjoyed watching the parade.   

We posted lots of photos earlier, following to the November 14th parade date, so here now is the thank you letter addressed to all the hams who helped…



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