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IMG_2257_2_N5XOAfter the remodeling of my shack I still have the following items for sale that I would like to sell asap. If anyone is interested let me know and we can work out a deal……

Items Remaining:
  1.  MFJ 989D full Legal Limit Antenna Tuner: $275.00 {sells for $369 new}
  2.  Hy-Gain: 160 to 6 meter ground mounted vertical: $240 {sells for $349 new}
  3.  Cushcraft 2 meter 20 element hi-gain beam {10 elements vertical, 10 elements Horizontal}
    Excellent beam when you want one antenna to handle both SSB and FM on 2 meters}  $200.00

NOTE: Items #1 and #2 are less than 6 months old… and in perfect condition. Item #3 is 3 years old, and in very good condition and works well, many of you have heard it’s signal and I have worked 9 states with this antenna on 2 meters.

NOTE: There is a strong possibility that I will have my Yaesu FT 1000 Mark V {200 watt} with matching power supply {required for 200 watts} and a HeathKit SB200 [600 watt 10 to 80 meter amp} come back for sale….   I will know on this within the next few days.

Greg Lewis N5XO
Converse, Texas

Update 11/25:    Sold the MFJ Antenna tuner,  I still have the 160 to 6 meter Vertical, as well as the 2 meter dual polarity beam……{horz and vertical}

Update 11/25:  It is looking extremely strong that I will have the Yaesul FT 1000 and SB 200 back up for sale, as the original buyer is having problems with coming up with the funds….So if you are interested let me know and I’ll work a deal with you on it……If it comes back to me.

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  1. G. A. Gutmann Says:

    Ran across your website and was wondering if anyone up there needed LMR-600 N-type fittings. Still packaged in the TC-600-NMC package. I got them in a box of other stuff and have no need for them.
    G. A. (wa5ylr)

  2. Juan Says:

    Hi nx5o do you have the icom 756 ll

  3. Juan Says:

    Do you have the 756 ll

  4. Juan Says:

    Sorry call sign kk6ikw I just moved from California

  5. james thomas Says:

    inquiring on the sb200 you might have for sale. please contact me if it is or you can point me in the right direction to purchase one. Thanks James
    7043200028 phone

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