Great Northwest Library – Ham Demo Station

October 17th was the date of the 15th anniversary celebration at the Great Northwest Branch Library, one of many branches that is part of the San Antonio Public Library system.  This library is located off of Grissom Road, near Culebra & Tezel Rd.  

Because this branch is the site of VE Test Sessions every other month by Pat AD5BR, representing the SARC VE Team, the head librarian asked Lee N5NTG to put on a demonstration Ham Radio Station as part of their celebration.  SARC was already committed to being at JOTA over at McGimsey Scout Park in Castle Hills, so Hill Country REACT agreed to sponsor the station at this event.

Below are two videos that I made up from the raw footage and photos taken during the event. 

The first video focuses on the ham radio operations, with some material from other participants doing stuff during the event, such as some dancers and a tour inside the library itself.  …and yes, I’ve already spotted at least one typo in the scrolling text, see if you can find it also.

The second video is just about some young ( 3yr-4yr old) dancers who are performing in public, mostly for the first time.   This footage was incorporated somewhat into the first video, so you don’t really need to watch twice, but it does have a slightly different start / ending than what was in the main video, that provides contact info for the dance studio, but everything in between is same as what was in the first video.

Video #1 – Ham Operators @ GNW Library (7 minute)


Video # 2 – Dancers from Ballet Folklorica Del Cielo (2 minute)



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