2009 Alamo Ride to the River – YouTube Videos

I did a quick search on YouTube.com for MS150 and 2009 Valero Ride to the River, 2009 BikeMS, etc. and found lots of videos shot during our event by hams and participants. Below are a collection of some of the better ones I found.

Search for videos by Texas700, 33Chuey, and MrRamosDesigns. These three seemed to have lots of videos from our event. 🙂


This video (4:52) was shot by Texas700 from BP #3 on Day 1


More videos follow….

This shorter video (0:32) was shot by Texas700 also at BP #3 on Day 1 – audio has several SAG vans, BP Hams, and Net control talking in the background..


More videos from Texas700. Obviously a ham due to the audio in the background, appears to be driving a black / dark colored vehicle with a GPS on the dash and cam mounted near the driver’s viewpoint.


This video from 33Chuey has a neat sound track, Break My Stride, added to overlay a series of photos of one particular rider #902 and her riding buddies. Very well done, from a technical standpoint, and the sound track adds to the effect.


KABB TV gave the event some decent coverage also… This is about 10 minutes long…

This video by MrRamosDesigns was taken before the event, when it wasn’t raining, and appears to have run the entire course with a cam, compressed to about 9 minutes in length, with sound track added. Interesting viewing…



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  1. KA1MZY Says:

    I hope you guys enjoy the video. As with Lee, I’m not a professional video camera operator however I did spring for a high quality semi-pro HighDef Video cam which produces near TV quality HD video.

    Youtube actually can’t display the video cameras true quality, however it looks pretty nice regardless. I had planned to obtain a lot more video however the pouring rain prevented me from even having the video camera in my hand most of the time.

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