Video – Gator Bait Triathlon – 9/12/2009

GatorBaitTriYes, I know that this event was over a week ago, but I just uploaded the finished video clip from this event to

About 250 athletes participated in this year’s event, despite the constant light rain. At least it wasn’t a thunderstorm, which would have caused cancelation. As it was, the event organizers did chop off 2 miles from the bicycle route, because that was one mile going up a very steep hill, and the riders would have then been traveling at high speed down a very slick paved street on the way back.  Despite what the logo above says, the planned bike route was only 12 miles, chopped to 10 miles due to weather considerations for safety.

Ham Radio communications were organized by Gary K5GST for the Hill Country REACT Team.  Repeater use was provided by the local KARS Ham Club KB5TX.  Swim started around 8am, last rider was in around11:30am.  No calls for medical were received, and no swimmers were eaten by gators in the lake.


Hams working this event included…

  • Lee N5NTG as Net Control
  • Gary K5GST at Finish Line
  • Chuck KM5BY at Finish Line
  • Kathy KK5XT at Finish Line
  • Linda KC5QPQ on Bike Course
  • Dale KB5YSJ on Bike Course
  • Charlie KC5NKK on Run Course Turn-around
  • Louis K1STX on Bike Course Turn-around

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