South TX Hurricane Drill – Photos by KE5KHN

Here are a few photos provided by Ray KE5KHN, taken during the Hurricane Drill while out at the Seguin Westbound IH-10 Rest Stop at the 619 mile marker.

Ray says…

I was the rookie of the bunch and what I learned most, was that I have a lot more to learn regarding antennas, HF, and emergency communications procedures.  I really enjoyed the experience and the camaraderie of the fellow HAM operators working together for the same cause.
Saturday afternoon, I shared with my wife my experience and I tried the best I could to explain to her the different facets of the day and about the Navy/Marine MARS communication.  I was pleasingly surprised that Sunday at church I overheard her in a conversation with others as she told them about the MARS communication.  Normally, her interest in HAM communications is limited to humoring me as I talk about what we do as HAM operators.  I was surprised and very proud of her for conversation about HAM operators and the Navy/Marine MARS.
The Learning Journey Continues,

PS: my camera battery died and when I changed it out, I forgot to reset the date, so please ignore the date showing of 2003 in the photos.


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