Wet & Wild Visitors Heading To Texas?

The State EOC has issued potential timelines for response to Ana or Bill, should they threaten the Texas Coast:

Lee, W5LHC

1.Current Situation:

Tropical Storm Claudette will make landfall overnight in the western Florida Panhandle. No threat to Texas. Tropical Storm Ana has weakened to become a tropical depression. Most current models do not develop Ana once it enters the Gulf.

Tropical Storm Bill appears to be destined to become a major hurricane.

However, given the volatility of the Gulf and the high risk associated with two possible strikes within 3-7 days of each other, Texas will focus actions on both these storms as “potential” threats to Texas and will establish for planning Operational Timelines for both Ana and Bill with the planning assumption that both will strike either the Texas or Louisiana Coast as hurricanes on or about August 23rd and August 27th.

2. Operational Timeline Ana Contingency Strike Texas:

  • Ana continues to move quickly at 16mph.
  • Landfall occurs on Sunday, August 23 at 2 AM CDT
  • H-0 occurs on Saturday, August 22 at 10 AM CDT
  • H-36 occurs on Thursday, August 20 at 10 PM CDT
  • H-72 occurs on Wednesday, August 19 at 10 AM CDT
  • H-120 occurs on Monday, August 17 at 10 AM CDT

3. Operational Timeline Bill Contingency Strike Texas:

  • A point of departure from the NHC forecast track brings Bill through the northern Caribbean and into the Gulf at 15 mph.
  • Landfall occurs on Thursday, August 27 at 10 AM CDT
  • H-0 occurs on Wednesday, August 26 at 6 PM CDT
  • H-36 occurs on Tuesday, August 25 at 6 AM CDT
  • H-72 occurs on Sunday, August 23 at 6 PM CDT
  • H-120 occurs on Friday, August 21 at 6 PM CDT

Summary:  State of Texas takes actions for planning only for the potential of one possibly two sequential hurricane strikes within a 3-7 day period beginning as early as Sunday, August 23rd.

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