Feb 28

Just a quick update to let you know who our new Officers and Board of Directors for 2022-23 are.

President – James Bell KG5USB
Vice-President – Jim Wilken N5VL
Secretary – Robert Orta KI5TND
Treasurer – Sparky Macias N5GPM

Continuing Board Members: – 1 year remaining:
Wayne Bortner K5NCW
Rachel Wilken K5RWW

Reelected or Newly Elected remaining Members – 2 year term:
Joel Dixon K1JTD
Bill Chapman K5GGB
Jon Riely KU5I
David Wendel KJ6DW

Larry Boudreau W5LDB will fill the remaining 1 year term vacated by Sparky. Larry is also the liaison to the USS Lexington

The coming year will be an active one as we come out of Covid. We look forward to any input you may have,
after all, STARC is your club.

South Texas Amateur Radio Club