Nov 12

samuel_qrmStan, KA5IID, has proudly announced that his wife, Cynthia, delivered a bouncing baby boy on Saturday, November 10th, 12:17pm, named Samuel Earl Stanukinos.  Samuel weighed in at 8 pounds 3 ounces, 20.5 inches long.

For more photos online, please visit this link, or click on photo..

Oct 25

Radio_Mouse_VanQuick answer:
Any Ham the blog administrator allows.

Practical answer:
Almost any ham radio operator who asked permission.

There are different roles, or levels of capabilities that can be assigned to a user who registered with this Blog and asked for higher privileges… 

I’ve recently relaxed the privileges a bit, to allow comments ro be posted without first registering or logging in as a user on the blog.  I’m running some anti-spam filters on all comments to reduce that sort of crap being posted, but I’m sure some will slip in eventually.

I’m still going to moderate them, but if you register as a user, once I’ve approved the first comment, all others get posted “live”, subject to my later editing or disapproving inappropriate content.   I received several comments saying they wanted to post a comment, but didn’t want to register first, so this change is in response to those requests.

Login User Names are typically your callsign, upper case, but can be anything.  These are case sensitive, so remember how you typed it. Passwords are automatically assigned to new users, and sent to you via email to verify your email address as well.  Your first “job” when you log in the first time, is to add your name and other info, and change your password to something you can remember easier.  I can’t see your password.  I can reset a password, but can’t view them.  There is an automated built-in option for handling lost passwords in the software, it will email you a new auto password, but you need to remember your user ID.  If you forget that, please contact me direct for assistance.  My info is at the bottom of every page.

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Sep 10

Radar_09102009Finally, the rain has returned to San Antonio!    It’s pouring down outside at 11am while I’m writing this entry, and I need to leave soon to go assist a customer near the Stone Oak Parkway side of town.

Yesterday (09/09/2009) while I was driving across town on Loop 410 from Bandera to Hwy 281, I took about a minute of video, dropped in some headers, posted it to youtube. Here is the video…


Aug 21

dry_pondHOW DRY IS IT ?

It’s so dry in South Texas that…

the Baptists are starting to baptize by sprinkling,

the Methodists are using wet-wipes,

the Presbyterians are giving out rain-checks, and

the Episcopalians are praying for the wine to turn back into water.

Now THAT’s Dry!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so it’s a lame attempt at humor. But it is too dry down here in Texas!

Aug 17

More photos from the August 15th Cowboy Homecoming in Pleasanton, TX where Atascosa County Amateur Radio Club WA5AR had a demonstration station.  This country fair had all the usual amentities like rooster roping, bull riding, pony rides, beauty queens, home-made jewelry, ham station demonstrations, and oops!  even Longhorn Mobile operations? 

Click on photos below for larger view.

Aug 12

Late this afternoon, heavy rains decided to visit San Antonio, heavy enough that the National Weather service issued a Flood Advisory until 9pm, due to the slow moving storm that was dropping 1″ to 2″ of rain in some areas. It’s now 8:30pm and still sprinkling, but the strongest storms have moved off to the SE side of Bexar County. 

 At my house on the NW side of San Antonio, near Seaworld so to speak, we’ve had 0.97 inches of rain since the storm began around 6pm.   Guess I won’t be needing to water my lawn tonight. 🙂

Aug 11

As the drought continues down here in South Texas, I thought I’d take time to remind hams to double check their grounding systems (if they have any), because the ground is so dry and getting cracked, and you might not as well grounded now as you thought you ought to be. You might have to water around your grounding rods, or around your tower base to prevent shifting / cracking ot that. Of course if you’re having that much of a problem, you need to have soaker hoses around your house’s foundation as well.

I took these photos at a customer’s front yard this afternoon, thought it was ironic that a yard care company would leave a sign in this desolate dry yard, warning folks to not walk on the grass until it dried.

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Aug 2

I got up early this morning to check the status of a remote restore that I was doing for one of my company’s clients.   Everything was wonderful until about 8am when my computer started making a strange humming sound.   The hard drive light lit up even though nothing was actively accessing the drives (that I had initiated), the light stayed lit like something was really going to town.

Then the light went off, and the noise stopped.  Whew!

Except when I clicked the link to my email program, it said “searching for program…”   What the heck?    And when I opened Windows Explorer, it told me that my “D”, “E” and “F” drives were missing.    Now I know I hadn’t approved any vacation time for my hard drives, and that 500gb drive was probably less than a year or two old,  but it was gone!

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Jul 31

iphoneThere was a software bug detected whereby hackers can illegally access an unpatched iPhone (prior to 3.0.1) by simply sending a loaded SMS message. The SMS message migiht appear to be blank, or have a small square character, but in reality it could have contained anything and appeared to have come from anyone.

If your iPhone got infected, your phone became a zombie. The attacker could take over your camera and microphone to watch / listen in live without your knowing, have access to any private information stored on your iPhone, and could then use your phone to contact and infect other iPhone users.   Until now, you had no protection, and if infected, your only option was to turn off your iPhone and take it in to the Apple Store or an Apple Tech to get it restored back to factory spec, risking the loss your data.

All the crook needed to know was the phone # of your iPhone.

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Jul 31

Lee's New OuwieeI was updating some of my wiring harness for my ham radio emergency go-kit, and needed to unsolder some wires from a LED switch to that I could try to reuse it.  I succeeded in getting the older wires removed and cleaned the solder off the terminals so that I could later reattach the connectors of my choice.

But something happened (this was 3am in the morning) and the soldering pencil (all 12 watts of it) decided to roll off the table and land on the inside of my left forearm.  

Ouch!   Those things are hot enough to melt solder, and hot enough to start burning their way thru my skin, especially the more tender skin on the inside of my arm rather than the weather beaten outer side. 🙂

Kids, don’t try this without adult supervision, and adults, don’t try it without adult supervision. 

I should have used my soldering station to put the pencil in while hot, but that was outside in my van from when we were installing the antenna and power lines for the radio, and (did I mention it was 3am?) so I didn’t feel like going out side to fetch it back inside just for a quicky task. 

burn on arm after 6 days of healingShame on me for taking short cuts and using my spare soldering pencil without taking proper precautions to ensure it didn’t get knocked off and start a fire or other hazard (like hitting my arm).

Six days later (8/5), and burn mark still very noticeable.  Not hurting as much, still keeping neosporin applied, plus those spray on bandages instead of tape on bandages.  Here’s a current photo.


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