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Day 1 Photos

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100_000_startline_D1.JPG 72.3K
Day 1 Start Line - All gone now!

100_0590.JPG 91.0K
Motorcycle Marshals at Rest Stop 1 on Day 1, getting their last minute instructions

100_0591.JPG 95.8K SAG 14 ready to ride

100_0592.JPG 108.9K
SAG 13 ready to ride

100_0593.JPG 80.2K
SAG 10 ready to go, Eugene talking to Gary (driver of SAG 10)

100_0594.JPG 109.9K
Another SAG 13 photo, expect a bunch of these since the webmaster was driving this van. :)

100_0595.JPG 139.8K
Day 1 Rest Stop 1 - Motorcycle Marshals, another photo

100_0596.JPG 104.5K
Day 1 Rest Stop 1 - The Manley family getting their generator running and setting up their radio station.

100_0597.JPG 36.4K
Riders apparently loved this stuff for some weird reason.

100_0598.JPG 100.7K
SAG 14 driven by David and Clifford,
"The Pickup Artists"

100_0599.JPG 104.1K
SAG 14 driven by David (right) and Clifford (in van),
"The Pickup Artists"

100_0600.JPG 104.5K
SAG 8 - To infinity & beyond, when they turned their #8 signs sideways. These guys drove in from Houston to help, and a big help they surely were.

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