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It’s Official!

Icom is Coming!

Hello Customers!

We have lots of great news for you!
It is now official! MTC is America’s newest Icom Amateur Dealer. It has been 10 years since the last one was signed up. Thanks to you and your business we have proven ourselves and we are now in. Icom inventory will start arriving next week. We look forward to bringing you the best deals and the best service on all current Icom models.

 We are also Pleased to announce the addition of our TYT land Mobile line. The TH-9000 is currently available in Two models that are FCC part 90 type accepted for commercial use.


The VHF version covers 136-174 MHZ. It puts out a full 60 watts and has the 2.5 step for FCC narrow band compliance. It is loaded with features. The UHF version is identical and puts out 45 watts. We currently have programming cables and software in stock as well as lots of both models. These are perfect for first responders, VFD’s and more. The price on either model is $179.95 w FREE shipping

We have been informed that we were number one in Texas Kenwood Sales this quarter!

This is serious! We can’t hardly believe it. We were also told that we are number 14 in the nation of 35 active dealers! Thank you folks. We haven’t even been selling Kenwood for a year yet! We are striving to be your ham radio and electronic source. We want your business and we thank you for it. You Guys are awesome.

In other Kenwood news I am hearing FCC type acceptance is coming for the new TS-990 in August. Release is still planned before Christmas.

It looks the new new Wouxun dual band mobile is coming. I know, I know..We have been hearing that for two years now.

We have placed our first sample order and should have them in in July. FCC type acceptance is coming soon as well.

We get lots of calls every day about this radio. We are thinking price will be around $250-260 but this is not certain yet.

Make sure you are on our email list HERE to be certain you get the latest news on it. There will only be a very few that actually get to import these.

We have another new person starting here at MTC. Congratulations to Leo Salas N5JEP of Paris Texas.  He is an Extra class ham and has quite a resume. We are lucky to have him and are glad that he will be a part of the team.

After HamCom we decided we needed a bigger trailer to haul our wares to the shows. We are about to have one. Our new trailer is currently being built and is not much smaller than our first store building! We plan on doing more and more of the closer hamfests if it makes sense. We can now leave the store open and some of us can come to the show. See you soon!

As many of you know we opened a U.S. Post office here in the store. This has been great for our city, especially this side of town. Thousands of postcards were mailed out letting the good folks around here know about it. We are having our Grand opening for our post office August 9th from 10:00am to 12:00pm. You know we throw one heck of a party so be sure and come down for this event. We will have lots of stuff going on with prizes, fun and more. We have a full service Post Office right here. We cant do money orders yet but that is coming soon too.

Wanna hear something funny… Christy is also checking into selling Hunting and Fishing licenses here as well.

Alright, now for the big news… Circle your calender on October 20th. We have a big deal planned right here at the store. We are expecting Many of the manufacturer reps to come down. We are going to be cooking, tailgating and more. It is early yet and more will be announced soon. Make sure you stay on our list so we can keep you informed. When we had our grand opening we gave away many new radios and over 400 people were here. This will be bigger.

Make sure you are following us on Facebook. Most of you already know that we are giving away an Icom Radio or a police scanner for a non ham winner for folks that are tagged in the hamcom bell picture. Go there now and make sure you are tagged, tag your ham friends too! Someone will win a a new radio next week!

One last thing.. We are starting to run low on USED GEAR Remember we take trade in on new and used radios. We want your good clean trade in’s

Thanks Again for your business! We can’t wait to get the Icom products on the site. We should have our first shipment in next week so be watching. If you enjoy getting our emails please forward them to your friends. We have built our business on quality products, good service and referrals . We love our customers. Thank You!

Richard and Christy
2246 Bonham St
Paris Texas 75460


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  1. Mike Says:

    Richard has been giving me the run around on a refund of 6 UV82DX ht Radios for 2 months.

    Any Statements made by Richard about Quality Control of his stock and Refund/Return terms are false.

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