May 20

Bill Gardner K5OVD has a gently used Tarhill 100A-HP Screwdriver HF mobile Antenna for sale. Bill says he is including the mounting hardware and the programmable tuner.

Bought new for $975, used on his motorhome while on the road. Asking $600 obo.

Looking for a HF Vertical antenna for installation at his new house.

Please contact him at 210-364-2904. I’ll remove this post or mark it sold once I hear an updated status.

If you are a local San Antonio area ham operator with gear to buy / sell / trade, feel free to contact the webmaster at the email address shown on this page. There is no fee for this listing service.


May 8

Reminder: Centennial Special Operations Event

When: Saturday, 11 May 2019, 10:00am to 4:00pm, (GMT-05:00) America/Chicago

Where:102 Mabry Dr, San Antonio, TX 78226-2036, United States

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Organizer: SARC

Description: This Saturday, 11 May, SARC members will be able to celebrate the club’s Centennial in true radio fashion. This will be the second of FOUR Special Event operations during 2019. The others will be held in August, and November.

We will be using the new station at San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology. The station is set up in an office space at the Museum, and is supplied with equipment from the Museum’s warehouse and some donations from SARC members.

The Special Event day will proceed in three parts:

1. Setup, done by a volunteer team headed by Joe Bruno W5AUQ, which will begin at 7:45 AM at the storage facility. The setup team will move the club’s tower, beam, and rotator to SAMSAT on the club’s trailer. They will then set up the antenna system, connect it, and test it for proper operation.

2. Operation, done by volunteer operators, will begin at 10 AM when the Museum opens.

For this Special Event, Tom O’Brien AB5XZ will coordinate the station operation. Logging will be done on a computer provided by Tom O’Brien, and will utilize logging software he provides. Operators will be given instruction on logging, antenna rotation, and transceiver operation.

SARC members may operate the station between 10 AM and 4 PM, when the Museum closes.

We will use special event call sign W5SC/100. Other amateurs may operate, but SARC members will have priority. Operation will be on the 20 meter band using SSB mode.

3. Teardown, done by a volunteer team headed by Joe Bruno W5AUQ, which will begin at 4 PM.

The teardown team will disconnect the antenna system, disassemble it, and prepare it for transport back to the storage facility.

Contact Joe Bruno to volunteer for the Setup or Teardown team (or both). jlbruno4433 @ or 210.363.9500

Contact Tom O’Brien AB5XZ to sign up for operating time. There will be plenty of time/room for everybody. ab5xz @ or 210.845.4966

May 8

Grady’s BBQ has apparently closed their location on San Pedro at Jackson Keller unexpectedly. So, the officers of the club had to scramble and find a new location to meet this coming Thursday.

Below is the information for the new location, at least for this month. We’ll post an update once a permanent location has been chosen.

May 9th 7PM
Coker United Methodist Church

231 E. North Loop Road,
San Antonio, Texas 78216

Wesley Building Room 703-04

Coker UMC is down the road from Grady’s (on Nakoma & 281) on North Loop Road. The Wesley building is just across from the Sanctuary. We must be done and gone by 9pm.

Map link…,-98.5057766/Coker+United+Methodist+Church,+231+E.+North+loop+Road/@29.5520172,-98.5056974,15z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m9!4m8!1m1!4e1!1m5!1m1!1s0x865c6031fda197d3:0x1df4b3aaa4509323!2m2!1d-98.4913802!2d29.5554109